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Upper Peninsula

Northern Michigan residents “ho hum” over Detroit’s bankruptcy.

Ask just about any northern Michigander about Detroit’s bankruptcy and they’ll tell you  much the same—should have happened 20 years ago.  After moving here some 41 years ago from Lansing myself and eventually becoming the editor and publisher of the Petoskey News-Review, […]

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No Michigan poet laureate? In the U.P., a grassroots campaign

No less an authority than the Library of Congress notes that Michigan has no poet laureate, a shortcoming we share with Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In national benchmarks of iambic pentameter and blank verse, we fall short. Why? How […]

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Death trend stalks Northern Michigan

Nearly half of Michigan’s counties reported more deaths than births in the most recent state statistics – a grim trend that has its epicenter in Northern Michigan. In 2011, 35 of our 83 counties experienced natural decrease, as deaths outnumbered births. (See […]

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U.P. natives reveal the good places to eat, without a pasty among them

Novelist Jim Harrison once observed that the farther north you travel in Michigan, the worse the food gets. Of course, some Yoopers think the opposite. One must remember Harrison is far from being a true-blood Yooper, one who appreciates the artistry of […]

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MEA faces breakaways, poaching of locals

Just months after Right to Work was enacted in Michigan, Michigan Education Association local units are looking to depart the mothership. MEA leaders say local units have left – and returned — before. But critics of the statewide union believe these recent moves […]

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Under the postcard-perfect U.P., a reality only natives see

I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant, Oshtemo, Forest Park, Rogers Park, and worked in Chicago, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Oak Park and Mackinac Island. I’m probably forgetting some places. Nomadic, I’ve stomped around the Midwest, circling Lake Michigan maybe 100 times. I find myself writing […]

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Mining tax could spur more U.P. mining

State lawmakers and Gov. Rick Snyder are poised to approve a new tax structure on metallic mining operations that could spur development of new mines — like the controversial Eagle Mine near Marquette — across the western Upper Peninsula. The state House […]

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The glorious beauty of Michigan in fall

The fish jumped, twice, each landing shattering the glassy calm of the lake into thousands of brightly colored shards of light. To the north, where the ground is high and rocky, the maples are blazing red and molten gold. And to the […]

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U.P. landowners give mixed reviews on land cap

In the wake of the decision by the Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder to cap land purchases by the Department of Natural Resources, Bridge contributor Christie Bleck interviewed some residents of the Upper Peninsula — where state ownership of land is quite […]

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Mining remains a big deal in Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been a mining-oriented place ever since the 18th century, when explorers were astonished to discover enormous chunks of pure copper in the Keweenaw Peninsula, north of Houghton.  The iron ore deposits uncovered west of Marquette in the 19th […]

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Teddy Roosevelt knew what Up North is worth

My family and I are observing a time-honored state tradition this week: Like thousands and thousands of Michiganders, I’m Up North with my family … in my case, way up north. Our cabin is on the south shore of Lake Superior, about […]

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Sorry, baby: Delivery docs in short supply Up North

Kristin and Warren Scaife fishtailed along the gravel road that winds south out of Grand Marais, on the rocky shores of Lake Superior. Kristin was in labor, but she couldn’t go to the closest hospital. Helen Newberry Joy Hospital didn’t have a […]

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CMU eyes locals to relieve doctor shortage for rural Michigan

Northern Michigan needs to take a gardening approach to solve its shortage of medical services, and grow its own doctors. That’s the advice of Ernie Yoder, dean of the yet-to-open Central Michigan University College of Medicine. The shortage of physicians in the […]

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Michigan firm has bright idea to make camping a sunny experience

Dustin Denkins has fueled his interest in renewable energy into a successful company that makes portable generators. Except he doesn’t use fuel. In 2010, Denkins created Suburb Solar, Inc., which he operates out of his solar-powered, off-the-grid home in Cooks, a small […]

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Land O Links

“We do not need to be shoemakers to know if our shoes fit, and just as little have we any need to be professionals to acquire knowledge of matters of universal interest” — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 19th century German philosopher. * […]

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There’s gold – $10, anyway – in them rodents

A mini-boom in one of the oldest businesses in Michigan is offering at least a few Upper Peninsula entrepreneurs a windfall — if you can define a fur trapper as an entrepreneur. (Tramp for hours through freezing swamps to maintain a trapline? […]

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Mining boom roils Upper Peninsula

Ron and Carol Henriksen retired to the kind of place most people can only imagine — a riverfront house in an area of the Western Upper Peninsula that is so serene, the dominant sound is often the whisk of trees rustling in […]

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U.P. escapes property value fall

The Upper Peninsula stands above the rest of Michigan on the map — and above the rest of the state when it comes to property value trends. From 2007-11, nine of the top 10 counties seeing a percentage increase in property value […]

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