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Wayne State University

Guest column: University research alliance boosts economy, jobs in Michigan

By Jeff Mason/University Research Corridor As Michigan’s economy continues its resurgence, the three major state universities that make up Michigan’s University Research Corridor are doing their part to educate and develop the workers who can give businesses a clear advantage in today’s competitive […]

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Nonprofits battle shortage of time, talent

DETROIT — At 31, four years after completing the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Detroit program, Mark Ostach sits on the board of the Neighborhood Service Organization, a sizable nonprofit that offers a wide variety of programs ranging from suicide prevention […]

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Facts you might not know about Michigan’s 15 public universities

You probably didn’t know this about Michigan’s public universities: * The University of Michigan’s 90 percent graduation rate is 22 percentage points higher than the average at peer institutions. * Michigan State University’s 126-1 student-to-administrative staff ratio is nearly twice as high as peer […]

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Economic turmoil challenges Mich. seniors, too

Keep your ear to the ground, and you can almost hear a revolution coming. The New York Times outlines the very different economics of households at either end of the human lifespan in a piece headlined “Old vs. Young.” Esquire magazine declares […]

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Adviser: Longer careers serve seniors, society

Like many people who visit the city, Randal Charlton fell in love with New Orleans, so much so that he thought the city’s mix of food and music would be a sure-fire hit in Sarasota, Fla., where he lived at the time. […]

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Ethnic media alliance pushes stories of success, provides community leadership

Michigan is home to a variety of ethnic media outlets: the Jewish News, the Latino Press, the Michigan Chronicle among them. Dr. Hayg Oshagan, a professor at Wayne State University, looked at the outlets and had a vision: What would happen if […]

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Does college prep begin in grade school?

If Michigan wants more minority college graduates, it needs to invest in quality school counseling. Grade school counseling. That’s one of the recommendations in a report released today by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. The report, “The Quest for Excellence: […]

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At Wayne State, easy to get in, difficult to get out

Since LaQuanda Pratt enrolled at Wayne State University three years ago, many of the African-American students she shared classes with are gone. Some left the college because of family difficulties, Pratt recalled. Some ran out of money. Others couldn’t cut it academically. […]

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A new Detroit turnaround plan: Wayne State’s

After spending most of his career as an executive at Ford Motor Co., Wayne State President Allan Gilmour knows plenty about retooling. Taking a redesigned car from the drawing board to the showroom can take three or four years. Building a successful […]

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A Wayne graduate and the class of whenever

The new year brought a new milestone in my life. I graduated from Wayne State University, with a master’s degree in communications/journalism. That fact, possessing a Wayne State degree as an African-American student, makes me something of a rarity, as Bridge’s coverage […]

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Racial grad gaps at Mich. public universities

There is a 22-percent gap between white and black graduation rates atMichiganpublic universities – significantly wider than the national public university racial gap of 16 percent. Wayne State University has the largest racial graduation gap in the state, and the largest in […]

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Parting gift for college grads: $25k in debt

Clark Eagling has $45,000 in student loans — and he’s the lucky one in the family. His wife, Aimee Kessel, owes $90,000 for her undergraduate and graduate college education. The debt is so large that the couple may be collecting Social Security […]

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‘College tax’ burdens students, state

Caroline Robinson and Barbara Twist are cousins who share far more than bloodlines. They are both seniors in college; each attends one of the top public universities in the nation. The similarities stop, however, when the tuition bills arrive. Barbara is paying […]

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‘College tax’ varies by campus

Michigan has 15 public universities (though three are technically part of just one university system — the University of Michigan). Students attending 12 of these 15 schools are paying a “college tax” — meaning that the annual net cost to them is […]

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Grand Valley: “It’s not our fault.”

Calculating tuition at Grand Valley State University begins the same way every year. School officials estimate staff costs and utilities. They have a good idea how many students they’ll enroll. But the rest of the equation is dependent upon a variable beyond […]

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Library specialists fear dwindling school ranks

It used to be that fifth-grade teacher Lisa Hudson could count on the school librarian at any time in her Walled Lake Schools elementary building. He shelved and checked out books, helped students select books he knew they would like and set […]

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Report: Michigan is high on price of college degrees

College graduates in Michigan and elsewhere are rightly anxious about their future job prospects — an anxiety only heightened by the piles of debt so many have accumulated while on campus. Erin Dillon, senior policy analyst for Education Sector and co-author of […]

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