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Rough Road Ahead:

Searchable database: How bad are YOUR roads?

Online Database by Caspio

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  1. Street smart

    Baldwin Road in Auburn Hills is extremely dangerous! I am really worried for drivers. I have a large truck and am therefore not afraid–but little cars BEWARE! Do not go near the mall or anywhere near Brown Road!

  2. chris

    I’m not confident this is accurate. Muskegon roads seem much worse than this reveals. In my opinion.

  3. Denise

    I am suspect of this data. I live in Caseville in Huron County. We have a new bridge, resurfaced main roads and no potholes.

  4. Seeker of Truth

    Can you show us via maps which roads or sections of roads were identified as good, fair or poor and why? A color coding system would be nice. I can’t believe the percentages in Norton Shores are anywhere close to accurate. Please show us the the road condition status by political jusisdiction.

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