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Natalie Burg has lived in six Michigan cities, but most recently put down stakes in Ann Arbor. Her book, “Swedish Lessons: A memoir of sects, love and indentured servitude” was released last year. She’s a little obsessed with trying new veggie- or fish-based twists on Eggs Benedict. The views and assertions of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect those of Bridge or The Center for Michigan.

Michigan arts economy is more than a tip jar, but it can be even bigger

A little respect, please — creative entrepreneurs are an important part of the state’s economy. Couldn’t they use a little cultivation?

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A part-time legislature would create more full-time problems

Hey, voters: If you want someone to do an important job better, do you cut their hours and hope for the best? Then why would it work for the Legislature?

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A wish list for millennials, as they come into their own

How are those resolutions coming? Though we may be knee-deep into 2014 if you’re counting in attempted trips to the gym, in reality, it’s still the early in a year that promises to be a busy one for Michigan, and millennials like […]

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Abortion-insurance law will brand state as extreme, hostile to women

I never plan to have an abortion. But then, I never plan to be raped either. I never plan to have a pregnancy that threatens my health. Life doesn’t always go as planned. It doesn’t go as planned for the one in […]

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We have 9 million reasons to find common ground, so let’s try

My happiest moment at 30,000 feet was in 2006 when I saw the Detroit River announce the end of my international flight and my return to Michigan. I remember thinking, my forehead pressed against the small plane window, “I don’t even care […]

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A millennial looks forward to Obamacare, and wishes legislators would, too

About eight months ago, I called my heath insurance provider to gather information about adding maternity coverage I might need at some point (At some point, Mom. You hear me? At some point. Control yourself.), rather than relying on my usual strategy […]

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In the nation’s increasingly powerful cities, a need for serious thinking

There’s a revolution afoot. Have you heard? If you have and happen to be totally geeked about the new book, “The Metropolitan Revolution” by Brookings Institution rock stars Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley, you’re probably the same flavor of nerd as I […]

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Kids these days: Quick to click, but engagement lags

My first serious disagreement with my husband was on our second date. It was about John Mayer. My guitarist husband said John Mayer was the best; I said he was the worst. It was a conclusion I reached after hearing the singer/songwriter’s […]

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Michigan’s detours into social issues won’t help attract young talent

I was pretty proud of myself upon landing my first grownup-person job several years ago. It came with such new-to-me perks as a salary, health insurance and this mind-boggling thing where you don’t work on holidays, but still get paid like you […]

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Been here and there, but Michigan is best for young and young at heart

Hi. I’m Natalie. I’m a self-employed writer, I’m 31, and, if you listen to the headlines, I don’t exist. Like a centaur or a yeti, the well-educated, career-driven, creative-class Millennial like myself is not found in the wild here in Michigan. Supposedly, […]

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